Management Committee and 1st Working Group Meeting - Paris, May 19-20 2011
Call for Participation and Presentations

              Registration deadline extended to 15 April 2011

The first meeting on "Transactional Memories: Foundations, Algorithms, Tools, and Applications" (Euro-TM Cost Action IC1001) will bring together academic and industrial research groups, working on interdisciplinary facets of Transactional Memories (TMs).  It is open to all interested researchers, either already involved in Euro-TM, working in related areas, or simply interested in this emerging research field.

The thematic sessions will be structured according to the Action's Working Groups, namely:
- WG1: Cross-WG Activities, Showcases
- WG2: Theoretical foundations & Algorithms
- WG3: Hardware's & Operating System's Support
- WG4: Language Integration & Tools
- WG5: Applications & Performance Evaluation
Please refer to the Euro-TM website for more information on the scope of each Working Group.

Synergies identified among the participants may be pursued via Euro-TM's exchange program (to be announced shortly).

The workshop is funded by the Euro-TM COST Action.  Researchers from participating countries (see list here) are entitled to free registration, which includes:
    - Two-day workshop
    - Lunches
    - A social event on the first evening
    - Lodging, up to 120 euros/night
    - Travel
COST countries not currently participating in Euro-TM (see eligible list here) are entitled to join it.  Participants from non-participating countries must pay for their own expenses.

To register, please send the following information by 15 April 2011, to Dr. Paolo Romano <>:
  * Your name and the name of your institution/group
  * The Working Group(s) that you would be interested in joining
  * If you wish to give a presentation (highly encouraged, to foster collaborations), its title and short abstract, and appropriate WG session.

Administrative Information

This meeting is organized by the Euro-TM Cost Action, a research network that aims to enhance the quality, visibility and impact of European research in the area of TMs by establishing a network of ICT researchers and developers to address the TM theoretical underpinnings and to facilitate the development and showcase of TM platforms and applications.

COST is the acronym for "European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research".  It is an inter-governmental framework for fostering collaboration between researchers in Europe in a "bottom-up" manner. More information about COST can be found at the official COST website:

The Action has a limited budget for refunding the travel and accommodation expenses for attending the meeting, which should suffice to support the travel and accommodation costs for approximately 50 participants. Essentially Cost support only the travel, the hotels and the meals for the meeting, plus one night. However, please refer to Section 2 of the Cost's Vademecum available here:

for detailed information concerning the guidelines and restrictions for reimbursement and supported costs.

Note also that Euro-TM can only provide financial support to researchers whose institutions belong to one of the countries that have already formalized their intention to join this Action. An updated list of the signatories countries can be found at:

Further details on the Euro-TM Cost Action are outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding available at:

Event Location

     Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris-6, Jussieu)
     4, place Jussieu
     Paris (5th arrondissement)
     métro Jussieu

     room 25-26/105
     Upon entering campus by the main entrance, turn left immediately, towards door marked "26". 
     On Floor 1, take door marked "25-26".
        (in French) 
        (in English) 

New: List of hotels near the event location here.