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1st Euro-TM Workshop on Distributed Transactional Memory (WDTM 2012)

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, February 22 2012

Call for Presentations

The Transactional Memory (TM) abstraction has been traditionally targeted towards cache-coherent parallel systems, and later fostered by the multicore revolution. Over the last years, however, there has been a growing effort aimed at seeking a convergence between the TM model and the distributed computing paradigm. The resulting model, typically referred to as Distributed Transactional Memory (DTM), aims at introducing a novel programming abstraction that combines the simplicity of TMs with the scalability and failure resiliency achievable by leveraging the resource redundancy of large scale distributed platforms.

This recent area of research builds on results originated in fields such as distributed shared memory, parallel and distributed databases, programming paradigms for distributed computing, and appears particularly attractive for inherently distributed application domains such as Cloud computing or HPC. In the context of Cloud computing, DTMs allow to effectively mask the complexities associated with concurrent state management in elastic, distributed platforms, with the aim of maximizing the productivity of non-specialists programmers. In HPC domain, several specialized programming languages (such as X10 or Fortress) have been already providing programmatic support for the DTM abstraction, and the recent integration of hardware TM mechanism in commodity high-performance microprocessors has further increased the interest towards the adoption of the DTM paradigm in HPC platforms.

Euro-TM Workshop on Distributed Transactional Memory (WDTM) aims to feature work-in-progress snapshots on this recent branch of TM research. Euro-TM is a Cost Action initiative, supported by the European Commission (

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- theoretical foundations of DTMs
- algorithms for replicated and distributed TMs
- scalability in large-scale DTM platforms
- language and compiler support for DTM
- DTM semantics
- transactions and weak consistency models
- DTM applications and benchmarks
- OS/runtime support for DTMs
- DTM debugging support
- hardware support for DTM

The workshop will consist of short presentations and will not have any published proceedings to facilitate later submission to other venues. To submit a presentation proposal, please send a 400 word description of your research-in-progress, in plain text, together with the title and authors to Paolo Romano (

In the email also indicate if the submission is from a EuroTM member; in this case, please, specify also whether you intend to apply for requesting financial support to attend the meeting.

Important Dates:

- Submission deadline: 15 January 2012
- Notification of Acceptance: 22 January 2012


List of hotels near the event location (prices for a single room range from 60-90 euros, subject to availability):
- Alif Hotel:
- Holiday Inn:
- Holiday Inn Continental:
- Hotel Roma:
- Neya Lisboa Hotel:
- Turim Alameda:
- Vip Inn Berna:


Program, abstracts and slides here.

Participants List

Available here. (updated on 20/02/2012. If a participant's name is missing from this list, please send an e-mail to mcouceiro[at]


The meeting will take place at Instituto Superior Técnico (Address: Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1 — 1049-001 Lisboa) in room Sala de Reuniões do DEI, Pavilhão de Informática II.

Map to the campus with the location of the room.

There is a construction site in Rua Alves Redol, so we advise you to avoid using that entrance.