Accepted Papers

"A Multiversion Update-Serializable Protocol for Genuine Partial Data Replication"
Sebastiano Peluso, Pedro Ruivo, Paolo Romano, Francesco Quaglia and Luis Rodrigues

"Accelerating conflict-intensive applications"

Hugo Rito and João Cachopo

"Applying Dataflow and Transactions to Lee Routing"

Chris Seaton, Daniel Goodman, Mikel Luján, and Ian Watson

"Differentiated Access to Virtual Resources in Cloud Environments"
M. Fazio and A. Puliafito

"Digging parallelism out of high-conflicting workloads"
Nuno Diegues and João Cachopo

"Dynamic Thread Mapping Based on Machine Learning for Transactional Memory Applications"

Márcio Castro, Luis Fabricio Góes, Luiz Gustavo Fernandes, Jean-François Méhaut

"Enhancing an HTM System with Monitoring, Visualization and Analysis Capabilities"
Philipp Kirchhofer, Martin Schindewolf, Nehir Sonmez, Oriol Arcas, Osman S. Unsal, Adrian Cristal, and Wolfgang Karl

"FastLane: Streamlining Transactions for Low Thread Counts"

Jons-Tobias Wamhoff, Christof Fetzer, Pascal Felber, Etienne Riviere and Gilles Muller

"Highly parallel programming with Transactional Memory"
Ricardo Filipe and João Barreto

"Improving Application Fault-Tolerance with Diverse Component Replication"
João Soares and Nuno Preguiça

"Leveraging Transactional Memory to Extract Parallelism"

Miguel A. Gonzalez-Mesa, Eladio Gutierrez and Oscar Plata

"Objects with adaptive accessors to avoid STM barriers"
Fernando Miguel Carvalho and João Cachopo

"On the Natural Degree of Parallelism in Transactional Memory: from Centralized to Distributed Architectures"
Diego Didona, Pascal Felber, Derin Harmanci, Paolo Romano, Jörg Schenker

"OSARE: Opportunistic Speculation in  Actively REplicated Transactional Systems"
Roberto Palmieri, Francesco Quaglia and Paolo Romano

"Performance Analysis of and Tool Support for Transactional Memory on BG/Q"
Martin Schindewolf, Martin Schulz, Barna Bihari, John Gyllenhaal, Amy Wang, and Wolfgang Karl

"Reusable Concurrent Data Types"
Vincent Gramoli and Rachid Guerraoui

"Supporting In-Place Metadata in DeuceSTM"
Ricardo J. Dias and João M. Lourenço

"Towards Fair Transaction Scheduling with Competing QoS Requirements"

Walther Maldonado Moreira, Pascal Felber, Gilles Muller, Julia Lawall and Etienne Riviere

"Transaction Concurrency Control via Dynamic Scheduling Based on Static Analysis"

Pawel T. Wojciechowski, Konrad Siek

"Verifying Transactional Programs with Programmer-Defined Conflict Detection"

Omer Subasi, Tayfun Elmas, Adrian Cristal, Tim Harris, Serdar Tasiran, Ruben Titos-Gil, and Osman Unsal