Accepted Presentations

Using TM for high-performance Discrete-Event Simulation on multi-core architectures
Olivier Dalle.

TM Program Concurrency Analysis: Parallelism versus Number of Schedules
Miroslav Popovic, Miodrag Djukic and Nenad Cetic.

STurbo: Speeding up Conflicting Transactions
Jons-Tobias Wamhoff, Christof Fetzer and Pascal Felber.

Back to the Futures: the Futures-based Distributed Transactional Memory   
Paweł T. Wojciechowski and Jan Kończak

Enhancing Permissiveness in Transactional Memory via Time-Warping
Nuno Diegues and Paolo Romano.

Towards Transactional Memory for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
Stefan Metzlaff, Sebastian Weis and Theo Ungerer.

Deterministic execution of TM applications
Vesna Smiljkovic, Christof Fetzer, Osman Unsal, Adrian Cristal and Mateo Valero.

Fine-grained transaction scheduling
Hugo Rito and João Cachopo.

Tackling Weak-Atomicity in Multiversion Algorithms
Ricardo Dias, Tiago Vale and João Lourenço.

Self-Tuning Replication in Distributed Transactional Memories

Maria Couceiro, Pedro Ruivo, Paolo Romano and Luis Rodrigues.

Scalable self-tuning data placement for distributed transactional memory systems
Joao Paiva, Pedro Ruivo, Paolo Romano and Luis Rodrigues.

Exploiting program phases in an FPGA-based Hybrid Transactional Memory system
Philipp Kirchhofer, Martin Schindewolf, Wolfgang Karl and Nehir Sonmez.

Boosting Throughput in Replicated Software Transactional Memories

Tiago Vale, Ricardo Dias and João Lourenço.

Concurrent Message Processing using Transactional Memory in the Actor Model
Pascal Felber, Derin Harmanci, Yaroslav Hayduk and Anita Sobe.

Combining on-line exploration and model driven performance forecasting to self-tune the parallelism level in Distributed Transactional Memory systems
Diego Didona, Pascal Felber, Derin Harmanci, Paolo Romano and Joerg Schenker.

Post-Silicon Debugging of Transactional Memory Tests
Ophir Friedler, Wisam Kadry, Amir Nahir, Vitali Sokhin, Carla Ferreira and João Lourenço.

Efficient Support of Reduction Operations in Transactional Memory
Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Mesa, Eladio Gutiérrez, Sonia Gonzalez and Oscar Plata.

Extensions to the Architecture and Microarchitecture of HTM
Stephan Diestelhorst.

The hardships of TLSTM, the first Transactional Memory with Thread Level Speculation algorithm
Ricardo Filipe and Joao Barreto.

Abort Free SemanticTM by Dependency Aware Scheduling of Transactional Instructions
Shlomi Dolev, Panagiota Fatourou, and Eleftherios Kosmas.