List of accepted papers

"Workload-Oblivious Self-Tuning of Intel TSX"
Nuno Diegues and Paolo Romano

"Towards a more scalable Deferred Update Replication"
Maciej Kokociński, Tadeusz Kobus and Paweł T. Wojciechowski

"STMGC-C7: Fast Software Transactional Memory for Dynamic Languages"
Armin Rigo and Remi Meier

"Dealing with Saturation in Signature-based Transactional Memory Systems"
Ricardo Quislant, Eladio Gutiérrez, Sonia Gonzalez-Navarro and Oscar Plata

"Improving STMs' performance via speculative parallelization"
Hugo Rito and João Cachopo

"Optimized Single Global Lock Fallback"
Irina Calciu, Justin Gottschlich, Tatiana Shpeisman, Gilles Pokam and Maurice Herlihy

"On Breaching the Wall of Impossibility Results on Disjoint-Access Parallel STM"
Sebastiano Peluso, Roberto Palmieri, Paolo Romano, Binoy Ravindran and Francesco Quaglia

"TM+TLS offloading to Helper Threads"
Ricardo Filipe and Joao Barreto

"Transaction Preserialisation in Transactional Memory"
Tiago M. Vale, Ricardo J. Dias and João M. Lourenço

"Toward wait-free transactional memory with irrevocables"
Jan Kończak, Rachid Guerraoui and Paweł T. Wojciechowski

"Automatic Tuning of the Parallelism Degree in Hardware Transactional Memory"
Diego Rughetti, Paolo Romano, Francesco Quaglia and Bruno Ciciani

"Towards Validating Software Transactional Memory Implementations"
Martin Nowack and Christof Fetzer

"Robust DTM performance prediction by exploiting model diversity"
Ennio Torre, Diego Didona and Paolo Romano

"Providing Transaction Class-Based QoS in in-Memory Data Grids Via Machine Learning"
Pierangelo Di Sanzo, Francesco Molfese, Diego Rughetti and Bruno Ciciani

"Towards Relaxing Software Transactional Memory"
Christoph Kirsch and Michael Lippautz

"Adaptive Transactional Memories: Performance and Energy Consumption Tradeoffs"
Diego Rughetti, Pierangelo Di Sanzo and Alessandro Pellegrin

"A Locality-Aware Software Transactional Memory"
Patrick Marlier, Anita Sobe, Pierre Sutra