Analysis and Monitoring of Transactional Memory Programs

Participant: Jan Fiedor

Home Institution: 
FIT, Brno University of Technology

Home Country: Czech Republic

Host: Prof. João Lourenço

Host Institution: FCT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
Host Country: Portugal

Start Date:

End Date: 2013-12-14

The objective was to adapt ANaConDA, a framework for monitoring and analysing multi-threaded C/C++ programs, to be able to monitor and analyse C-based transactional memory programs. This objective can be divided into two separate topics. The first topic deals with the question how to monitor C-based transactional memory programs while minimally influencing their original behaviour and still get all the information needed for various analyses. The second topic is related to how to find errors in C-based transactional memory programs, mainly using a dynamic analysis which can be performed on-the-fly during the actual monitoring.

Report: here