TM Benchmarks

Suite of Transactional Memory applications varying from clustering algorithms, to genome sequencing and circuitry layering.
Lee-TMSourcePaperImplementation of the Lee Routing algorithm using Transactional Memory.
STMBench7SourcePaperComplex benchmark inspired in the OO7 design and synchronized with Transactional Memory.
EigenbenchSourcePaperMicro-benchmarks aimed at isolating different properties of Transactional Memory and envisioned to evaluate orthogonal characteristics.
CLOMP-TMSourcePaperSimilar to Eigenbench.
RMS-TMSourcePaperA suite of seven benchmarks comprehending real-world applications from Recognition, Mining and Synthesis domains.
MemcachedSourcePaperPopular object caching system used in many web services, but with its concurrent accesses synchronized with Transactional Memory.
QuakeTMSourcePaperA multiplayer gamer server that relies on Transactional Memory to synchronize the actions of different players.
DelaunaySourcePaperSynchronization of a Delaunay triangulation with Transactional Memory.
Kyoto CabinetSourcePaperA database management system that was modified to use Transactional Memory for concurrency control.
Data-structuresSourcePaperConcurrent data-structures that use Transactional Memory.
YCSBSourcePaperYahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark, designed to evaluate distributed key-value stores for the cloud, and also adapted to use Distributed Transactional Memory.
TPC-CSourcePaperPopular database benchmark adapted to evaluate Distributed Transactional Memory implementations.
TPC-WSourcePaperPopular web e-commerce benchmark adapted to evaluate the Distributed Transactional Memory implementations available within the Cloud-TM framework.
GeoGraphSourcePaperSpatial social network benchmark to evaluate Distributed Transactional Memories in the scope of the Cloud-TM framework.
VacationSourcePaperOnline booking application that uses Distributed Transactional Memory from the Cloud-TM framework.
RadarGunSourcePaperFramework for Distributed Transactional Memory evaluation with synthetic workload generation.